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In the heart of Charlottenburg is a small sanctuary with a key to unlock a more comfortable life. While the exact formula for happiness is unique to each of us, there are universal benefits in the power of better support. Come feel a sleep system designed to ease tension so you can rejuvenate and wake up inspired to make tomorrow even better. 

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The Experience Center

Fix your appointment

and visit the Technogel Sleeping Experience Center in Berlin, where we welcome you to chat with our sleep specialists and try mattresses and pillows unlike any others.

Address: Leibnizstraße 56, 10629 Berlin, Deutschland

Opening hours: on request


Phone: 030 8891 7030

Mattress Collections

Start Fresh

on the first and only brand of mattresses with a thick layer of patented body-conforming gel.

Pillow Collections


your head and neck with soothing support from a pillow that feels as if it was made just for you. 

Sleep Science


how the refreshing comfort of ergonomic support and superior pressure relief have been clinically shown to help you enjoy more deep sleep. 

About Technogel®

A tradition
of innovation

Thanks to 25 years of German engineering and Italian design, we’ve created something truly exciting — the next wave in ergonomic comfort. And it all began with an unusual substance and one man’s dream.

In 1990 in Italy, Massimo Losio founded Royal Medica to license a patent from Bayer and use its unique gel material to relieve the nagging discomfort of individuals bound to wheelchairs and hospital beds. Royal Medica then expanded to other gel innovations including office chair cushions and bike seats. Making the world more comfortable became a mission.

Shortly later, Royal Medica joined with Otto Bock GmbH to create Technogel as the company that exists today. The combined expertise produced new benefits including a wider range of feels and greater durability. The joint venture also strengthed Technogel’s mission as it developed new applications for medical devices, industrial components, footwear and furniture.

Technogel’s extraordinary blend of technology and style continually earn it partnerships with noteworthy brands such as Vitra, Saporiti, Steelcase, and Prada, to name a few. Furthermore, world-class athletes look to Technogel® for the rejuvenating and restorative support required for peak performance.

Committed to be pioneers in wellness, we have paired advanced gel technology with high-end design to create mattresses and pillows that deliver a new experience of sleep.

Across 40 different countries there are people who wake up inspired every day thanks to Technogel® Sleeping. But we are especially proud to open our first flagship store as the Technogel Experience Center here in Berlin.

Everyday Inspirations

Wake Up

What inspires you to get out of bed and make an impact? A good night’s sleep is transformative. You wake energized. You feel more positive throughout the day. And when mornings are serene and refreshing—even at 7:00— you feel inspired to be unconventional; to show gratitude; to pursue your dreams. Technogel® Sleeping is about living life to its fullest.

Getting to know the city's vibrant community of artists, makers and dreamers reinforced that Berlin is a perfect fit for our flagship store. This creativity also inspired the design of the Technogel Sleeping Experience Center, which is furnished and accented with the work of local artisans. 

Learn more about these stories here and then tell us your own: discover the benefits of Technogel® and share how you wake up inspired!


Documentary photographers Jan-Christoph and Miguel give a snapshot of the inspiration that is revealed through the camera lens.


Designer/artist Elisa Strozyk shares her inspiration to innovate with wood as a textile.


Illustrator Frank Höhne inspires and delights us with a glimpse into the playful world of bringing characters to life. 

Reveal Your Technogel® Experience

How are you

“Completely altered my perception of mattresses. And pillows that never need plumping—a totally awe-inspiring experience.”

Johan, Berlin